Thursday, March 5, 2009

The loss of Urban

Photos by Laura Poor, Zoo Supporter

After hearing about the death of our male orangutan Urban last week, Laura contacted us to share some of the wonderful pictures she had taken over the years.

"I wanted to give you some of my favorite photos of Urban and the others. And express my thoughts to all of you who got a chance to work with such an amazing ape." - Laura

The Zoo has been so grateful for the outpouring of support from the community and hearing what Urban meant to them. He was truly a special creature, a great ambassador for his species and we will miss him dearly. You can find out more about Urban in the Sacramento Zoo press release.

Here is a slideshow of Laura's photos.


  1. How old was Urban? I worked for the SF zoo as a volunteer about 25 years ago. I was wondering if he was the same Orang that was there at the time.


  2. Hi Terry, I am finding out the answer for you!

  3. Urban was 28 yrs old when he died of lymphoma. There was a young male orang (River Sydney) from Sacramento that went to SF Zoo for hand-rearing in 1977, then went to China a few years later, died there. He was the full-sib to Urban.

    -Leslie, Animal Care