Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Calling all Zoo Parents!

By the Membership Department

Calling all parents!...Zoo Parents, that is.

To all you proud (Zoo) Parents out there, we have a shiny new board with your name on it… literally!

The Zoo Parent Showcase board has been tucked away between the Bateleur eagle exhibit and our Kampala CafĂ© for years… no longer! We are excited to present the all new Zoo Parent Showcase board located outside the Membership &Visitor Services office.

We are proud of all of our Zoo Parents and wanted to show it by putting your names right up at the front of the zoo! Thank you for showing your support by sponsoring our animals. Our Zoo Parents play a very important role in keeping us up & running. The money received through the Zoo Parent Program helps us feed, care for, and maintain the animal’s exhibits.

For more information visit our Zoo Parent program page or give us a call at (916)808-5888.
You can sponsor any animal in the Zoo (except for the employees)!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! We "older generation" zoo parents need to have the sign right smack up front where we can spot it easily. (Never DID locate it last year.) Looking forward to this year's Zoo Parent Picnic-- what a great party that is!