Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tiger Cub, Jingga, Makes Debut!

By Lauren Kraft, Public Relations Coordinator

The Sacramento Zoo announces the long anticipated public debut of a female Sumatran tiger cub born March 18, 2010. The newest addition makes a grand appearance with a new name. Voting ended Wednesday, June 16th on five name choices for the young female cub. The winning name, Jingga, means orange in Indonesian. The little tiger cub already has a full coat of orange and black striped fur. The stripe pattern on tigers is like a fingerprint: no two are identical.

The cub remained behind the scenes with her mother since birth while gaining the strength and coordination to maneuver the terrain of the exhibit. Now, at three months old, the small cub explores the exhibit with curiosity and excitement.

“We are extremely pleased with the birth of our endangered female Sumatran tiger cub,” said Harrison Edell, Zoo Curator. “The mother has been as good a parent as one could ask for,” he said.

Videos and photos of the cub posted weekly on the Zoo’s website, blog and Facebook page have garnered much excitement about the cub’s introduction, and the naming poll brought in over 40,000 votes. Mother and cub will be on exhibit daily until 3:00 pm. Since tigers are solitary in the wild, they will alternate on exhibit with the father.

Sumatran tigers are critically endangered and found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra off the Malaysian Peninsula. Fewer than 500 Sumatran tigers are believed to exist in the wild and approximately 200 Sumatran tigers live in zoos around the world. The Zoo participates in the Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP), coordinated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which recommended the breeding of the Sacramento Zoo tigers. SSPs are cooperative breeding and conservation programs designed to maintain genetically viable populations of animals in captivity, and to organize zoo- and aquarium-based efforts to preserve the species in nature.


  1. I am a member and I need to get down to the zoo to see her!!!! Love the name.

  2. What an adorable creature.

  3. How much does she weigh now? My kiddos want to know how big she is.

  4. I had the opportunity to visit with Tingga and her mother Baha on Friday, June 18th and saw this rambunctious tiger cub interact with her mother. What a wonderful opportunity.

    If anyone is interested, my photos are at

  5. Christi, Jingga weighs about 30 pounds right now.
    Guy, those are some great pictures!

  6. those are beautiful pictures, Guy!

    Can't wait to see Jingga in daughter and I have been following the zoo blog and will be visiting tomorrow.

  7. Wow this baby tiger is so beautiful. Thank you for the love and care that you give to these amazing rare creatures who walk the earth with us. Thank you for giving them a life with dignity free from poachers. Jinnga has stolen my heart! Cant wait to see her :)