Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hoot Hoot – Baby Owls

By Lauren Kraft, Public Relations Coordinator

Seven pairs of wide-set eyes blink excitedly, as the chicks huddle together awaiting their father’s return with dinner.

The new Burrowing owl parents are extra busy this month tending to the seven chicks that hatched in the beginning of April. They are getting triple their daily diet to feed all their babies and are staying close to the nest box. Zoo keepers checked in on the nest box a few weeks after they first noticed the male owl acting extra protective of the nest, and the keepers were excited to see seven chicks peering up at them. All seven chicks are growing fast and are doing well.

The Burrowing owls’ aviary is part of the Zoo’s Backyard, a California native garden which shines a spotlight on the rich biodiversity that exists in our local habitats. Burrowing owls are funny little creatures with long legs and big eyes that prefer to stand around on the ground and hunt at dawn and dusk. The burrowing owl population is considered at risk in California because of habitat degradation and destruction.

The three adult Burrowing owls where brought to Sacramento Zoo due to injuries that prohibit them from being reintroduced in the wild. The seven chicks will soon be running all around their aviary this May.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tiger Cub, Day 30 - Playing, chewing & grooming videos

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

At one month old, the female Sumatran tiger cub is starting to be more active around her den. You can see in the videos below that she has started chewing on things, entertaining herself by finding places to play and of course, being groomed by Mom.

Friday, April 23, 2010

New birds on Lake Victoria

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper
The next time you are at the Zoo take a moment and look out on Lake Victoria. Really look. There is an amazing collection of native and rare water fowl including the very popular Flamingos. Recently the Zoo has added a few new species at are easy to spot. Hooded mergansers with their head plumes, Cinnamon teals and their striking red color, and Northern pintails with their contrasting dark and light feathers.

Hooded merganser

Northern pintail
Cinnamon teal

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiger Cub, Day 22 & 24 - Videos

The Sumatran tiger cub girl continues to grow behind-the-scenes with mom in their den and nest box. The keepers have been able to catch a few videos of her activities.

Day 22: They are resting in their next box and mom give the baby a little cleaning.

Day 24: The cub is continuing to spend time outside the nest box and is walking.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Donate at a Wells Fargo ATM

By Meagan Edwards, Development Specialist

Donating to the Sacramento Zoo just got easier for Wells Fargo customers! The Sacramento Zoo is one of six charities selected for the launch of Wells Fargo’s new program which allows customers to donate to a charity while at the ATM.

When you visit a Northern California Wells Fargo ATM, just choose “Donate to Charity” on the main menu screen and follow the instructions to send an automated donation to the Sacramento Zoo. Choose from any of your Wells Fargo accounts, and donate any amount up to $249.99.

This pilot program launches on today, so be sure to check out this new, easy way to send a donation to the Sacramento Zoo!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiger Cub - Videos

Here are a couple of videos of the tiger cub.

Day 15: The cub is starting to explore outside the nest box. You can hear Baha chuffing to call her back inside and finally just bringing the cub back inside herself.

Day 15: The cub is weighed a few times a week. Baha is shifted to a different den, then animal care staff goes in with the scale. At the end you can see Baha trying to sniff the camera.