Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Gentle Bongo

By Lorraine Brown, Zoo Visitor

We went to the Sacramento Zoo recently and saw the very cute Red river hog piglets in the exhibit with the Bongos. The little pigs just root in the ground wherever they feel like it and often don't pay attention to the big Bongos.

One little pig came rooting up near the back hoofs of a big Bongo and I was getting nervous the Bongo might accidentally (or on purpose) kick the piglet. However, the big Bongo lifted one back hoof then gently and slowly crossed it and stepped away from the little clueless pig.

The Bongo then lowered its head. “Oh, oh”, I wondered, “will it bonk the piglet with it's very big pointy horns?” No, it gently nuzzled the little pig with its nose and off the little pig went in another direction! Can you believe it? I think humankind has a lot to learn from this nurturing Bongo!

The picture below shows the little piglet off in the distance after this interaction.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How a Jaguar takes a nap!

First step: survey your surroundings....
Second step: think about laying down...
Third step: slowly slide down the branch...
Fourth step: settle in for some sleep...
Fifth step: and try to forget how high up you are!