Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Roadrunner

By Brenda Gonzalez, Membership Coordinator

Many people associate Roadrunners with the famous tall, blue cartoon character that is always running from a coyote. Now you can see what a real Roadrunner looks like at the Sacramento Zoo!

The new male Roadrunner is much smaller than the bird depicted in cartoons. Roadrunners are native to the American Southwest, average 7-12 inches in height and are brown and white with piercing bright yellow eyes and a stiff long tail. Roadrunners are well named; they are weak flyers, often relying upon their strong, scaly legs to carry them away from danger and toward food.

The Roadrunner will be temporarily housed next to the White-faced Owl exhibit before moving to his permanent home with the Thick-billed Parrots. Be sure to stop by and check him out on your next visit!


  1. Very cool! Please continue to get new birds.

  2. If you love exotic birds, check out Safari West in Sonoma County.